About Valking.gg

Why I started Valking.gg

As someone who played a lot of League of Legends since Season 1 and used various sites to check my stats, I wanted to build something similar when I started playing Valorant. My main goal is to create something I would use myself where others can also profit off of it. As a Web-Developer and a “hobby” Data-Scientist I want to play around with statistics and provide them for everyone.

What you can expect

Since it is impossible to provide analysis without any data I want to create in-depth statistics about Agents and Weapons after having collected enough data. This means that your In-Game data is not just saved to display it but to also analyze them on a global scale and create dynamically created Tier-Lists on a patch to patch and even day to day basis.

Imagine not only feeling your progress In-Game but to also be able to back it up with your improving stats!

If you have suggestions or something is bugging you, reach me through here contact@valking.gg

See you on the battlefield, Agent!